Pullyman 2018 mini store

Let me explain...

I’m Michael Cowin and I have Parkinson’s Disease.
I was diagnosed about eleven years ago and then, about five years later, I discovered that I had a previously unknown talent for creative writing. I adopted the pen name ‘Pullyman’ and since that day, I have used my new-found skill to raise both awareness and money for our local charity, the Isle of Man Parkinson’s Disease Society.

My good friend, Hazel Teare, who I had met through the local poetry scene had also been touched by an incurable neurological curse.

Her late mother had been a long-time sufferer of Alzheimer’s Disease until sadly, she eventually lost her fight. So we had an idea, we had a reason, and I had a phone book.

And now we have a calendar!!

You can purchase both my Calendar and my new book "The Story of the Life that became Pullyman" using the PayPal buttons below.

2019 Manx Personalities Calendar

£7.50 + p&p

The Story of the Life that became Pullyman

£9.95 + p&p

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